We’re nearly at the end…

TWO WEEKS LEFT. I am dying on the inside, I promise.
It’s been 8 challenging, frustrating and exhausting weeks but our game is really starting to come together.
I’ve been one of the main programmers for the project and I’ve been doing the basic stuff for 3 out of 4 minigames. I’ve also been doing a lot of other work, like calculation of points etc, but that’s not really that interesting at this point.
What I want to show you is just visual stuff, the differences between the first versions of the game and the near-final result of the prototype.
I’m not including the 4th minigame, as it’s Cyanine’s work and not mine🙂 (But it’s her design skin that you see on the pictures marked with “with skin”).

Screenshots of 3 out of 4 minigames

Screenshots of 3 out of 4 minigames

Please note that the game isnt finished and that’s why the game screens might look a bit different. (Like, besides the fact that they are not supposed to look the same).
I haven’t included the menu screen or the point scenes but they are there too.

We still have a lot of work to do when it comes to finishing the design, like sound and of course – more background material for each minigame. More questions, more words and more pictures…And of course, spellcheck😉

It might look very simple but I promise you that there are tough hours of programming behind everything you get to see on the screen.
As first year students, we are very pleased with our project and how it turned out.

Any comments for me?

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