Gamelab Mini – Day One

Hello again!

Earlier this winter I’ve been talking about the upcoming course “gamelab mini” which is the last part of my first year here at Nord-Trøndelag University College.
This is a 15 point subject that started today and will last for 10 weeks.

Me and my group (“Unihorze Studios”, don’t even ask… !!) are planning on making a prototype for a mobile game.
We are focusing on the market of Android devices considering it’s the easiest for us to start with. 3 out of 5 members have devices (phones and tablet) that runs on Android OS so that’s the reason behind our aim.
Hopefully we’ll be ahead on schedule and be able to actually finish the game which means we can publish it. But our first goal is to create a prototype for testing.
We’re not getting our hopes up since it’s our first project but we’re not discarding the possibility of a published game either.

The meaning behind this subject is to give us some work experience. We’ll be working as a real development team, where everyone has their own role.
We had to come up with three different game ideas to “pitch” in front of our teachers, and my idea was chosen. I won’t reveal too much and sadly I won’t blog a lot about the contents and details of it but I can say that it takes some inspiration from the popular games like Ruzzle, Quiz Battle and 4Pics1Word.
However, this is only inspiration, I promise you we have not and will not try to copy these games🙂 We just want to create something that might be addictive, fun and that will challenge friends to play against each other.

Here's a small map of part of the system we have in mind.

Here’s a small map of part of the system we have in mind.

This week we are focusing on the concept document and paper prototype. Hopefully we’ll be ready to start programming by the end of the week, once we agree on all the rules, score tracking, statistics etc…
We’ll be working in Unity and program using C#. We all feel that we want to use a program and a programming language that we have already worked with, instead of using e.g. Corona and the programming language Lua. We’ll be facing both Corona and Lua soon enough during our time here at the University College….;)

I’d like to use the last part of this entry to remind all soon-to-be-students out there to remember the application date – which is April 15th!
I’d recommend to put this course on your list – even if you’re only a tiny bit interested.
Norwegian applicants can rearrange their priority list until July 1st!


Any comments for me?

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