Here and gone again!

Lately I’ve been really busy and really lazy (regarding my blog).
We’ve been very busy at school with our website, which will be ready very soon! I’ve been implementing a random quote script using Javascript and arrays (pretty easy, should make it more advanced but I don’t have the time nor the patience), fixing pagination in our guestbook (split the guestbook entries into pages, with a limit of 5 entries per page) which was a real pain in the *** to do.
As always I am stubborn and have to do things “my own way”, which meant that the teacher’s code for pagination was about 30 lines long,  and mine ended up being about 140 lines. But that does include comments and stuff… *angel eyes*
Anyway, I am learning something and that’s what it is all about right? I spent 7 hours last week trying to make the bloody page links work but at last they did and I am so proud😉

We’ve also made a simple calculator in Javascript. Or when I say we, I really mean Cyanine. I don’t want to steal her code so just check out her page to see the brilliant calculator😉

We’re soon heading into our next subject, the 15 point course called “gamelab mini”. It’s not really called that of course, it’s a project course but I cannot remember the proper name and I am too lazy to look it up.
We’re supposed to work in teams of 4-6 students, and we have to come up with 3 ideas to pitch in front of our teachers. Then they will decide which idea we should work on.
Our goal can be either a complete app or game, a prototype or similar. The point is, we have to have SOMETHING completed by the end of 10 weeks and it has to prove it’s worth the time we got.
Me and Cyanine are of course very excited but we really do hope that the students we’ll work with have the same ambitions as us, for a good grade.

Phew, this is turning out to be a pretty long entry, and I’m sorry, I’m rambling on!
Lastly, I want to tell you all that today I went and bought the new Tomb Raider game (collector’s edition).


I didn’t get the iron-on badges but I got a nice, plastic-smelly pouch that I don’t really know what is for. There was a little book with artwork too, I am not sure if this is the litograph mentioned? The awesome part (and the reason I wanted the collectiors edition, expensive as it may be), was the Lara action figurine! It’s perfectly alright to be 25 years old and beyond happy about a doll? Tell me I am right.

IMG_20130305_185441 IMG_20130305_185546
Happyface! You probably won’t see it again, so don’t be scared, just move on!

I’ll remember to write a post about the game itself when I am through with it….
For now I can say I am very impressed by the smooth gameplay and the nice integration in the programming, especially when it comes to walk/run/automatic sneak/automatic crouch mode. The raining ON THE SCREEN is a bit annoying but it’s a nice feature. I’m also impressed by the movements in the weather and in the objects placed in the nature as well as Lara’s movements. So far I haven’t seen a lot of glitches or annoying errors. The very few things that annoy me are Camilla Luddington’s (“Lara”) whiney voice and the very unatural way she climbs rock walls using the climber’s axe…

Anyway I’m ending the update with a big promise that I will probably not update again for a while!😉

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