Just another update

We’ve been working pretty hard this week, with the “Rich Internet Applications” class, but also with the student organization.
Me and my right hand man, Eirik, have been trying to register the organization at The Brønnøysund Register Centre and today we sent in the application.
Soon we’ll have our organization number and can apply for a bank account!
Today we had a board meeting discussing the paragraphs of the memberships and the organization itself, as well as we agreed upon two events in February and March.

First one is a Quiz/Launch party, with lots of fun content and prizes!
Second is a game tournament, with consoles only. We’re discussing everything from retro gaming with NES and SNES and of course newer consoles like the WiiU, PS3 and Xbox360.
It’s gonna be a lot of fun, I’m sure! I’m really excited to make this happen🙂
In the future we’ll of course try to put together a LAN but it’s a LOT of work so we will see when we can make that happen… Hopefully before the semester ends this spring.

I’ve also been so lucky to be invited to help out on game-related events here in Steinkjer but for now I can’t say much of it as I’m not sure if it’s gonna happen or what I’m supposed to do. All I can say is that I’m excited for every opportunity I get to help out and learn more about any aspect that is GAMES.

Ah, and then I’m heading towards what I was supposed to mention in this blog entry, the progress at the RIA course.
We’re working with CSS this week, and starting on PHP next Thursday.
Today me and my teammates Cyanine and Karl-Jørgen decided to have a mini-photoshoot with the purpose of creating biography headshots and possibly several headers for our webpage etc!
It was a lot of fun but I’m my worst critic and hated the photos😀

Cyanine and Karl

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