We’re In Development!

Or, “In Dev.”

That’s the name the students have chosen for our student organization.
Today we had our first meeting where we presented the board for the members, decided on a name and also launched our logo competition. The students have until March 1st to send us (the board) their designs.
I’m really looking forward to this as I am sure we have a lot of creative people among us!

As for the student fair tour, it was a success!
We traveled from Steinkjer to Mosjøen on Sunday afternoon and spent two days there chatting with the pupils at the two upper secondary schools they have there.
Some time around noon on Tuesday we traveled to Sandnessjøen, and ended our trip in Brønnøysund on Thursday before heading back to Steinkjer.
I didn’t take a lot of photos from our trip, but you can see some photos on Cyanine’s blog. (Blog’s in Norwegian by the way).

Traveling has exhausted me so I’m happy to have a relaxing weekend before kicking it off next week with CSS.

Any comments for me?

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