Entertaining Corner and Tour dates

I’m really having a hard time adjusting to the new schedule. Which is… Lectures from 9.30-11.15 on Thursdays. We do have computer lab hours after this lecture and on Fridays as well, but it’s all up to us when we want to work.
After juggeling three subjects at once last semester (Design and Animation, Programming Basics, Game Design), it’s really weird to only have one subject to worry about now. (Until March, when we switch to another subject).
I am considering in taking on a 7,5 points course in “Entrepreneurship” , as it might prove useful later. I’ve got time for it, after all. If I work hard!

Me and Cyanine got ourselves another team member on Thursday, a mate of ours from the Multimedia class joined us in our website-project. I’m sure our page will be awesome. For now I won’t show much of it, but I’m sure once we get the CSS part going we’ll be able to show more of what we’re doing.

OH, and fun fun fun! Entertainment Technology got their own “corner” at the school library the other day!

Checking out the new corner!

Checking out the new corner!

Cyanine is very focused...

Cyanine is very focused when she’s playing “Flash Gordon”, a pinball game (programming basics exam) made by some of our classmates.

Karl is playing "Portball" (my group's exam project from fall 2012)
Karl is playing “Portball” (my group’s exam project from fall 2012)

This is really cool, it means that other students, teachers and school visitors can check out the computer and test our projects!

So that’s two out of three updates. I’m really excited about the last one, which is a “tour”. Me and Cyanine (and someone from the student administration office + a girl from Nature Management and Conservation course) are travelling to four upper secondary schools next week!
We’re invited to participate on those “educational fairs”, so we’re sent to represent Nord-Trøndelag University College. It’s gonna be so much fun to talk about our studies and our school!

Tour dates and places:
21.1  – Mosjøen
22.1 –  Mosjøen, Kippermoen
23.1 – Sandnessjøen
24.1 – Brønnøysund

If you happen to know some people attending these schools, let them know we’ll be there and tell them to come say hi!!🙂


Any comments for me?

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