Trouble bobble….

Aight, so a new semester have started, yay for us.
One of the student administration personnel had told me in December that the semester start for my course was on Monday 7th of January. So I booked my holiday from 19th of Dec – January 7th, wholeheartedly trusting this woman.
I figured first day back was going to be information anyway and trusted Cyanine to be there to receive it for both of us…
On New Years Eve I ordered myself a new phone, the Sony Xperia V and it was ordered online. Sadly they didn’t dispatch my order until January 3rd and it was on its way on January 4th. Of course, that meant that it arrived at my house on the 7th, the day I was leaving (and I had already left).
My parents live in a small town where everybody knows eeeeverybody. Usually the postal office allows any of our family members to sign for parcels belonging to someone in our family… But this one? Oh no. Nope. NOPE. Forget it.. My mother had to wait until Friday to send it to me… But is that the WORST part of my week? No.
I arrived on Trondheim airport around 14.30 on Monday, receiving a message from Cyanine saying that the freakin’ course isn’t due to start until Thursday 10th….

For those who can put two and two together probably know how I feel at this moment.

ANYHOW, on Thursday I went back to school, somewhat excited to check out how spring semester is put out.
It seems that we only have one subject stretching from January-March, and that is (very directly translated) “Rich Internet Applications”. We will learn to create websites using HTML 5, CSS, Javascript and PHP. Yay us.
Me and Cyanine paired up for working together, and I’m sure we’ll find something ridiculous to create!😉
We have lectures together with the media class but when we are heading for PHP they are going to do something-something that has to do with WordPress. I have to admit I am a little curious (since WordPress is my blogging domain).

Our teacher gave us two mini-tasks as “training assignments”.
First: Create a website with a title, a character bio and a photo.
I chose my “Caffeine Carl”.

Nothing hocus-pocus about this.I used an editor on

Nothing hocus-pocus about this.
I used an editor on

Find Norway’s five largest cities and create a list.
Cities should be ranged decreasingly after their population.

NOTHING fancy about this.

NOTHING fancy about this.

All codes had to validate with no errors. (warnings are accepted).

One thought on “Trouble bobble….

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