New Year and what we’re able(magic) to do!

Yay! Happy New Year to all my readers, wherever you are (and whoever you are)!
I hope you’ve all had a nice Christmas (or whatever it is you chose to celebrate) and a fun celebration upon entering the new year.

I’ve started the first week of January by becoming one year older (boo!!) but also by trying to do quite a big favor for myself and my fellow game students… And today I got the confirmation I wanted! Might not seem like “a big deal” to anyone (but us) but I am super excited and couldn’t be more happy!

On Wednesday next week we are so lucky to have game developers from ablemagic at our disposal. They are going to tell us what it’s like to work in the gaming industry here in Norway, and the challenges they’ve had etc. It’s going to be fun and interesting to hear from “the real world” what it’s like out there.

SpinTrip, one of ablemagic’s games!

This is only the beginning, me and the rest of the board of the still-oh-so-nameless student/course organization are hoping we can get other companies to talk to us as well during the next couple of years. We have “sworn” to do our best to get our course and ourselves out in the media and to try to gather information, lectures and “speeches” from people who know the industry.
I might sound like a politician but I am certainly gonna try to make things happen… Of course I have to admit I also think about my own future – who wouldn’t? But since it will benefit us all, it’s worth it.

5 thoughts on “New Year and what we’re able(magic) to do!

  1. Wee, Spintrip minner meg om et genialt spill på de gamle Nokia-mobilene som jeg spilte non stop med en gang jeg fikk hold på noen med riktig mobil da jeg var lita.

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